Who are the members of the BVGD?

The members of the Association are local and regional tourist guide associations from all over Germany. Overall, the BVGD represents approximately 7,500 tourist guides in more than 250 cities and regions.

All of them have received basic training, and every fifth member holds a BVGD certificate or a certificate in accordance with the European Quality Standard for tour guides (DIN EN 15556).

The BVGD’s members see themselves as professional ambassadors for their city or region. Their ultimate goal is to use their knowledge and enthusiasm to turn their guests’ visit into a real experience!

Visitors can find professional tourist guides in German states, cities and regions by clicking on “Find a Tourist Guide” in the left-hand menu. Here, you will find links to all the local guides’ associations and their special offers. The following list of guides holding a BVGD certificate provides the direct email addresses of our specially qualified tourist guides.