FEG – European Federation

FEG - The Federation of European Tourist Guide Associations

Since 1998, the BVGD is a member of the FEG (European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations). The FEG represents around 60,000 tourist guides in Europe. It is a platform for the exchange of views and experiences on various political and social conditions that tourist guides face within the EU. At regular meetings,the course for a close cooperation within the European single market is set.

FEG supports the implementation of the European standard EN 15565 for a qualified tourist guide training.The European Association was founded in 1986 in Paris and has worked with the relevant EU bodies in the development of standards for the tourist guide qualification (EN 15565). In the European Standardization Commission, the FEG successfully employed for a clear definition of the profession “tourist guide”.

Find more information www.feg-touristguides.org

Visitors can find professional tourist guides in German cities and regions by clicking left on “Find Tourist Guide”. There are links to all local guides’ associations and their special offers. The following list of guides with BVGD certificates offers direct e-mail contact to our  specially qualified tourist guides.

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The BVGD owes the European Association decisive boost to its foundation. Before the German Association was founded, guides of other countries were already organized and merged their organizations in a European federation. In Germany only a few interest groups existed, but then also German tourist guides became more and more aware of the topic of “professionalism”. Eventually, the German National Tourist Guide Association (BVGD) was founded in November 1994.

The FEG logo can only be used by FEGmember organizations like the BVGD and by its membersfor example local associations or individual members. Then, there has to be added FEG member” or “member of the FEG.

FEG organizes European tour guide congresses every two years. Information on that can be found on the website of the FEG. In addition, the representatives of the member states meet twice a year at delegate meetings. There, the BVGD is currently represented by Dr. Ute Jäger and Dr. Wolther von Kieseritzky.

From Nov. 18th to 23rd 2014 BVGD and Berlin Guide e. V. invited the European tourist guides to attend the FEG Annual General Meeting and participate in the European Tourist Guide Meeting in the German capital Berlin.

Information on the FEG AGM 2014 in Berlin

Contact to the FEG office:
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Mail: info@feg-touristguides.org