Friendly faces, open arms – cordial welcome for WFTGA members in Iran

350 guests from 40 countries attended the meeting of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) in January 2017 In Tehran (Iran). The organizers of the Iranian Association of Tour Guides (IFTGA) as well as the people of the host country took the international guests very openly and cordially. The German delegates Maren Richter (BVGD) and Reidun Alvestad-Aschenbrenner (Munich Guide Association) were impressed with the hospitality. There were also colleagues from Passau, Chemnitz, Hamburg, Munich, Potsdam and Berlin participating in the Convention.

Tourist Guides from Germany, participating in the WFTGA-Convention in Teheran / Iran 2017

For the first time in the history of the World Federation, a President of the host country spoke at the opening. Hassan Rohani, who stands for a further opening of the country, said in his speech in the Iranian parliament building: “Travel can avoid terrorism. “Taleb Rifai, the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Tourism (UNWTO) addressed the guides as ambassadors of peace: “You can inspire empathy and create connections “.

Main topics of the conference were the Silk Road or Persian carpets. Workshops and discussion rounds were held on didactics, deregulation, education and training. It became clear how similar the problems and challenges for tourist guides around the world are.

At the General Meeting (WFTGA Convention), after many years as President of the WFTGA, Felicitas Wressnig from Austria has resigned from the Executive Board. As new president was elected Alushca Ritchie from South Africa. The newly elected WFTGA board comes from six different regions of the world: South Africa, Scotland / Europe, USA, Australia, Canada and Iran. In 2019, the Convention and General Meeting will be held in Tiflis / Georgia.

New President´s letter to all WFTGA members (Febr. 2017)

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