ITGD 2017

International Tourist Guide Day 2017 on February 18/19th - in Germany under the motto "Reform – time for change“

Members of the tourist guide organization in Naumburg/Saale in front of city hall

In 1985, February 21st, the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associatons was founded. Worldwide this day is celebrated as a special day and has become a major promotion day for the professional tourist guides. In Germany this year it takes place mainly on the weekend of February 18th and 19th.

The members of the German National Tourist Guide Association  (BVGD)  every year decide on a new motto for this day. This year it is “Reform – time for change”. Local and regional tourist guide organizations across the country – from Hamburg to Deggendorf, from Saarland to Rheinsberg -developed new theme tours under this motto. As professional tourist guides, they offer these tours without any fees that day or they ask for donations to support a project in their area. And they seize this opportunity to inform the guests about “The Art of Guiding” – better: about what professional guiding is all about…

This annual day has become a well-known platform: locals and other guests, media representatives and managers of local politics or tourism facilities can discover their regions while having fun and feeling the joy of discovery – all introduced and accompanied by “their” local tourist guides!

Maren Richter, who coordinates the International Tourist Guide Day in Germany, cordially invites everybody to participate: “In the anniversary year of 500 years of Reformation, we draw attention to the changes that the ideas of then have triggered in their own environment. For nowhere in Germany this time has passed without leaving traces in our history and society. There were reforms and changes in all areas: in art and architecture, in city planning, in housing construction and water supply … ”

In recent years, nationwide about 10,000 interested visitors participated in the International Tourist Guide Day, although the day is celebrated in the cold German winter time. Often local institutions or educational institutions open their doors and cooperate free of charge. According to BVGD chairman Dr. Ute Jäger, the importance of tourist guides for the tourism sector is not to be underestimated: “They convey much more than pure information. They communicate many things about the place we visit. Therefore, in addition to professional and local knowledge, great sensitivity is also required. Our guides let the guests feel at home and are ambassadors of their city or region. ”

The central upbeat event for the International Tourist Guide Day in Germany this year takes place on February 18th in Naumburg (Thuringia). The city with its famous cathedral is closely connected with the history of the Reformation. Here, Martin Luther appointed the first evangelical bishop of the world, Nikolaus von Amsdorf.

After the welcome and opening ceremony by the BVGD and local representatives at 11 am in St. Marien am Dom, the local guides offer tours to interesting spots of the Reformation in Naumburg. Finally, there is a concert on the baroque Hildebrandt organ in the town church at market square. The organ was built according to specifications by Johann Sebastian Bach and is praised by organists worldwide because of its very special sound quality.
Detailed information on all events can be found in the nationwide program booklet under the following link. In this brochure (only in German), you can also find the contact details of the local associations:

Program and more information on ITGD 2017 in Germany

For questions or suggestions concerning the ITGD, please contact Maren Richter: or mobile +49 – (0)171 – 20 68 477

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