BVGD Certificates

Why should you book a tourist tuides with a BVGD-Certificate?

Well-trained tourist guides are professional service providers in tourism, and at the same time important representatives and ambassadors of their cities and regions. As the profession of a tourist guide is not regulated by the state in Germany, there are different entry requirements, training standards and qualifications.

The aim of the BVGD was and is to provide a consistently high standard, which is accompanied by a certificate and a button. Nationwide already more than 2,000 of the 6,600 guides organized in the BVGD carry a badge that tells the customer: “This is a highly qualified tourist guide!Logo_DINEN

To ensure quality throughout Europe at a high level and to comply with the provisions of free movement within the EU, the BVGD has developed a standard for the tourist guide training in Germany.

List of Certified Tourist Guides in Germany